Elizabeth Clark is a superstar Certified Master Trainer. She is highly experienced, extremely professional and genuinely committed to the success of her clients. Having developed and operated her own successful business for over nine years, Elizabeth has a true perspective of how to help others achieve their professional goals and objectives.

Elizabeth is also a gifted teacher. She was the first coach recruited by Coaches Institute International to join its team and become a Certified Master Trainer. She is not only consistent, confident, and professional, but also enthusiastic, caring, and goes above and beyond every time she teaches. Her students consistently mention how the clarity and effectiveness of her teaching and her warm and calming presence make their experience so rewarding.

Elizabeth sets the standard for exceptional service to our students and our coaching community.

It is an honor to have Elizabeth Clark as a part of our team.

Berry Fowler, Chairman and CEO
Coaches Institute International, Inc.

If you are reading this, then you have been guided here somehow - consider it a blessing.

You are reading about Elizabeth Clark. Elizabeth is someone to know. She is warm, caring, compassionate and a wonderful soul. Add to that, the fact that she is a Certified Professional Master Coach, a successful entrepreneur and parent, and you have stumbled upon the perfect coach.

If you've been looking for guidance, encouragement and someone to help you strategize your steps to success, Elizabeth is a great choice in all those aspects. I highly recommend Elizabeth as your personal life and business coach.

Barbara Wainwright
President and Co-Founder of Coaches Institute International

I am wanting to thank you for your support at a time when, I was at a major crossroad of my life.

After 35 years of nursing and the increasing stressors of the profession, my health (mentally & physically ) was being affected in a very negative way, a long with family's relationship. Due to the ongoing stress, my poor self confidence and my self doubt had me feeling trapped in a situation I had no way out.

Elizabeth, you help me regain my self confidence and reinforced my strengthens that enabled me in making my decision to leave nursing, by using my skills and strengths to refocus and improving my health, renewing my family values and become self employed to acquire my financial goals.

I know I will succeed, I feel healthier and my outlook for the future is very positive.



Elizabeth helped me establish my first 30-day goals regarding a business venture I am pursuing. I found working with Elizabeth a very positive experience. While she was very professional, Elizabeth also put me at ease while defining my goals and developing my action plans for my new business. She knew exactly the right questions to ask in the right way. As the result of my meeting with Elizabeth, I was prepared and energized to pursue my action plan and achieve my goals. Thank you Elizabeth!!!”

Charles MacMeans

What a great presentation. The safe environment created by the trainer was excellent.

Loved the interacting and hands on learning. Both are very valuable.

Anthony Chiaramonte

The impact that coaching with Elizabeth has had on my life is incredible!

Every time we have a session I feel so energized and ready to conquer the world. And the questions that she asks to get me back on task have helped me to regain my momentum.

Thanks to Elizabeth I am now on the road to achieving my dreams.

Thanks Elizabeth!

Tonoa Bond

Elizabeth the vision statement you created for me is amazing. Something inside me has shifted and now I am attracting many positives with little effort. And it feels RIGHT!

Thank-you for blessing me with your excellent and customized coaching. The personal coaching made a huge difference on how I felt.

Marion Casey

Elizabeth is an outstanding leader and coach.

Because of her professional guidance and unwavering support, I am steadily climbing up the ladder of success with my business.

I now have a well defined plan of action and a clear vision of the necessary changes I need to make in order to successfully reach and achieve both my personal and professional goals. Because of her guidance, I am moving toward and not away from my goals with real clarity.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for holding me accountable for taking action and for topnotch coaching that gets results.

Kimberly Bohannon

I found Elizabeth incredibly patient and compassionate. She was genuinely interested in what was going on in my life and what my plans are for the future.

Her positivity and great wisdom have the ability to change lives!

Hanna Guerra

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Elizabeth Clark as a life and business coach.

I always come away with a refreshed and energized mind ready to accomplish the next step in my life and career.

She has truly empowered me to embrace all that is positive, remain focused on my priorities, and enjoy the trip along the way. Thank you, Elizabeth, for making a huge difference in my life!

Ron Stebelton
Eagle Leadership Consulting

After experiencing coaching from Elizabeth, I felt excited and prepared to follow my action plan and achieve my goals!

She kept me focused and provided the right guidance, provided valuable insights and identified resources I could incorporate into my plans.

Thanks Elizabeth, I see only infinite possibilities ahead of me!

DiAnne Y. Mason

Elizabeth, thank you so much for your loving, tender support. Your coaching moved me to the core.

The fascinating thing is that you do your coaching with such grace and ease, it doesn't even feel like coaching. You stand in the space of holding my best interest and form questions that have me examine my thoughts and beliefs.

Your coaching has helped me to clarify my goals and to set realistic benchmarks. I am forever grateful.

Susan Riley

You are a phenomenal instructor and coach. This has been and continues to be a truly life changing and empowering experience for me! I appreciate your coaching and training. What gifts!!

Peace and blessings

Bonnie Lawrence

I highly recommend Elizabeth Clark as a Life Coach. She was everything I was looking for to help me in my time of uncertainty.

Elizabeth creates a safe, confidential, and convenient environment for us to work. This makes me very comfortable.

Elizabeth is a great listener. She patiently and with the utmost detail records my goals for every aspect of my life. We discover my issues and even unattained hidden desires that have affected my life. And then, we work on achieving them together.

I always looked forward to our subsequent meetings to discuss my progress and achievements.

Elizabeth has coached me through important hurdles and I know that she will be there for me in my life forever

Chi (Cartrecia) DiMaggio