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Everyone dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, but it can be a scary experience.  Some people have no clue where to start.  Others gather up endless information and still don’t know how to put their starting steps into a logical order.

There are so many questions to be answered before we get started:

? – What’s the first step?

? – Is it possible to start on a shoestring budget?

? – How do I get those all-important first few clients?

? – Must I create a newsletter?

? – Is social networking useful or a waste of time?

? – Just how do I market effectively?

Hey!  These are the same questions I had when I decided to become an entrepreneur.  In fact, I had them for more years than I’d like to admit because once I decided to go into business on my own, I waited for years to do so.  I lacked focus.  Didn’t know how to get started.  Didn’t know where to go to get help.  I thought start-up would take forever and I might starve in the meantime.

You see, I thought becoming an entrepreneur was something terribly difficult and it took me years for me to finally start my business, which I finally did in 2000.

It turns out, all I needed was a mentor or a coach and a plan to get me up and running quickly.

Today I help teach entrepreneurs and solo-professionals to start and grow a successful and profitable business.  I also help established businesses to bring their business online.

Now I can do the same thing for you!  A business coach/mentor can shave months and even years off your goals.  He or she can be your source of encouragement, your support, and your accountability partner.

If I could find you someone to hold your hand and walk you through all the steps of starting a business, how incredibly helpful would that be for you?

If you’re already running a business, would you like to step it up a notch?  If you want your business to explode exponentially, would a mentor or coach be of assistance?

I offer group webinars or teleseminars, one-on-one coaching/mentoring and V.I.P. days for individuals.

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You would be coached by me, an experienced trainer who has trained entrepreneurs globally on teleseminars and webinars.  You would benefit from my positive attitude, business mindset, experience, and simple, effective strategies.

I’ve coached other entrepreneurs from fourteen plus countries including U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.  Musicians, authors, editors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, MBAs, and people with business degrees hire me as the catalyst that brings them to the next level.

Once upon a time we thought no one could break the four-minute mile.  Then, in 1954, Roger Bannister achieved what no on thought could be done.  Within months, others had done it too. They had a mentor, a role model, someone who had gone there before them.

What level are you working at?  What barrier do you want to break?  How much quicker and easier would your breakthrough goal be with a mentor?

What is your four-minute mile?

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Elizabeth Clark,

Business Mentor and Marketing Strategist for Emerging Entrepreneurs and Solo-Professionals

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