Tiny Idea with Huge Results

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Have you ever carried out one tiny idea and received a huge result? For example, stopping all junk food, exercising every morning or working more consistently. Weren’t you amazed at the results?!!!

Here’s one life-altering suggestion you might want to entertain for your business marketing or for your life:
create a theme to focus on for each month of the year.

Place your theme in a prominent place and review it many times daily.

Here’s my theme for Oct 2016.

In addition, you could choose a theme for the year and perhaps a theme for each quarter. You’d be surprised where your focus goes when you have a big sign sitting in front of you for a month.

Here are a few of my themes for the month (past, present and future).













A big shout out to my mentor, Eric Lofholm, for sharing this life changing idea with me!

Please share one of your monthly, quarterly or yearly themes (past, present or future). Use the words, take a picture or put it into a digital.

Let’s see your themes! Let’s go!

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  1. What a neat idea!  I’ve chosen a word for the year (this year’s word has been “different”), but not a theme for a month.  I love it and will try it.  What a great way to stay focused.  Thanks for sharing this idea.

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      Thanks for contributing, Gail! Love your word for this year: “Different.” Can’t wait to hear next year’s word or theme!

  2. I love this idea, Elizabeth!   It really demonstrates the true elegance of simplicity!  I plan on printing some 8×10’s of these and frame them to decorate my meditation space.   Here’s one of my own that I use as a reminder for myself (for those of us with a tendency to overthink things!)

    FORMULA:     Success = 1

    PROOF:   Success = (Number of times I get up) – (Number of times I fall) = 1


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    2. Success = 1 . . . What a succinct and powerful way of expressing the “get up one more time than you fall” philosophy!  Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Great reminder!!  I’ve heard of that but it got buried to the back of my mind.  So, now that it’s in the forefront, I will do that.  Maybe put it as a screensaver on my computer for a daily reminder.  I so agree that sometimes its the simple things done persistently and consistently that give you the biggest results.  It doesn’t have to be something BIG and difficult.

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  4. Thank you Elizabeth. I really like your idea to create a theme for each month and for the year. I too am influenced by International Sales Trainer Eric Lofholm. My focus for the 4th quarter is on my track to run on and includes monthly blogs, finishing my first book, and the number of contacts each day and the number of appointments set each week.

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      Keith, thank you so much for your reply. Those are amazing goals and when you meet them, it’ll be life changing for you. Have you by any chance posted that one word for the month? Or quarter?

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