Season’s Greetings!

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Season’s Greetings, Everyone!

We are in this beautiful Christmas Season and many of us are enjoying the holidays.

Christmas greeting card with copyspaceI want to take this time to thank you for being in my life and for making my life so positive and inspiring! I can hardly wait till 2014 to share what I’ve got for you!

I would love to hear from you what is up this holiday and what you appreciate about Christmas, should you celebrate it.

Here’s what’s up with me. This Christmas I celebrate with my two little ones (okay, they’ve towered over me for over a decade, so they are not so little), and their four little ones (truly little as the oldest one is four years old). Love that family time, and I confess I love the food, too. For our Christmas Eve meal, I am looking after the pumpkin pie, whipped cream and making the cranberry sauce – yummy!

Here are just a few things I love about Christmas each year, besides the all important family and food. It’s fun and heart warming to reach out to those in need or the elderly, catch up with old friends and attend a few Christmas events. It’s so powerful and inspiring how the world becomes more loving for a few weeks… how can we make that last?

You may have caught that I am a music lover, so I enjoy the concerts and listening to Christmas music. If you happen to appreciate Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, check out this flash mob:  Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus

Would love to hear from you…

What are you up to?

Your favourite part of Christmas?

Wishing you and your family a Meaningful and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth!

    Our Christmas Holiday was spent surrounded by family and dogs! Lots of dogs! Our three, my daughter’s dog and my mom’s dog. We had a wonderful time, wonderful food, lots of games,laughter and chatter.

    On the business side, we published the final book in our four book Saga, Bonds of Blood and Spirit. Legacies. Now, next week, back to client work! We’re excited and ready to go!

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      That sounds so special to be surrounded by family and all those dogs!

      Congratulations on the publishing of your Legacies book! What an accomplishment for 2013 – wishing you even more success for 2014!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 to you, Elizabeth! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time with your family, with all the yummy food and sweet music you could handle! We had lots of relaxed family time here, waaaay too much chocolate! and some heavy duty sniffly colds. But I truly enjoyed the break and downtime from hustling and bustling. Now I feel energized and ready to rock 2014! Thanks so much for this message!

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      Glad you enjoyed Christmas, Pamela.

      WooHoo – so excited about you rockin’ it in 2014 – let me know how I can support you!

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  3. I agree Elizabeth, Christmas is a great time to enjoy being with family and friends, and the food is pretty yummy too! I love the music too and have my Christmas carols on non-stop for a month. After a really busy fall, it is a delicious time to be quiet and enjoy time to do nothing with no where to go. We ski and toboggan close to home and generally hang out while eating left overs and watching great movies. The rest of life is crazy enough, so none of that is allowed at Christmas!

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      Hey, Aly. Great to hear from you and thankful you had such a fun Christmas. We didn’t ski or toboggan this year, but we earned a gold medal in eating, for sure!

  4. Every 5 to 7 years, I opt out of Christmas and do something different. I have spent it visiting those who don’t get visited on Christmas, fulfilling letters written to Santa and delivering them on the day to help Santa out, feeding people who always feel others and more. This year, we took a very special aunt and uncle who’s plans fell through at the last minute out for a joy ride to a local Christmas light extravaganza. It brought the child-like wonder of Christmas back for all of us. Hope yours was full of wonder as well.

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      Good for you for following your heart. I think there can be a lot of societal pressure to have the perfect Christmas. I think it’s important to have the perfect Christmas for me. Wow – sounds like you had a lot of fun helping others to enjoy the season. Feels good, eh?

  5. Season’s Greetings Elizabeth. On the personal side, this time of year I’m usually cooking, attending Christmas service, spending time with my local relatives and catching up with the relatives who live out of state. On the business side it’s the time of year that I’m placing into action my next year’s business goals that way I’m prepared to launch as soon as January hits. I hope your Christmas was lovely.

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      Hey, Wanda! Yes, my Christmas was lovely and it was great to spend that special time with some family.

      So blessed are you to spend time with local and not-so-local relatives! Best of luck on your launch in January!

  6. Elizabeth…thanks for contacting me. It’ll soon be a year since I took my coaching certification, and I have found it most useful in my unpaid but rewarding work here in my senior residential community. This year I plan on shifting from spiritual coaching to focus on grief, loss and end of life issues. I will be developing a visitation program for my church as well, and will incorporate it in my own 1:1 work as well as providing some education for those volunteers who will be working with me. I have good support systems in both areas and have recently been learning from the Model of Heart Centered Grief, a program at a local Respite Center, and also from the Chaplain in my facility and my spiritual guide along with my Pastor.
    Do I see that you have changed your status and your connections? I am grateful for your teaching and encouragement, and I value the structure of coaching as it serves me well.

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      Hi Dori. Great to hear from you and glad you are enjoying the senior residential community! You are so warm and loving – the perfect person for the role. Congratulations for taking action and coaching – people need us! Wasn’t clear on your question, so we’ll talk privately 🙂 Blessing!

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