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“I’ll never figure this out.”

“I’m too stupid.”

These comments are known as negative self-talk.

This is how too many entrepreneurs think and speak, and it is holding them back from leads, conversions, success and profits. Not to mention happiness, laughter, peace of mind and taking action.

Where does all this negative self-talk come from?

Many of our recurring thoughts come from our subconscious mind, and many of those thoughts were put there before the age of six. In fact, much of who we are today came from what we learned from before age six. At that age we absorbed and soaked up everything from our environment, whether it was good for us or not. Whether we liked it or not.

By the time we are a teenager, our thought patterns are set. Unless we take consistent, determined  and mindful effort to change our thought patterns, they stay the same.

Along with those negative thought patterns or negative self-talk comes negative habits. Often we don’t even recognize our bad habits – we just do what we know and what we’ve always done. Terrible!

Maybe we keep a messy house. Maybe we drink or smoke too much. Or do drugs. Maybe we are too lazy to do our homework. Perhaps we are selfish or a bully. Eeks! Here’s the thing… we may not even recognize that we have a problem.

Want to create an amazing future for yourself?

Listen up – this is cool! Once we become aware that we have a problem, it is 90% solved. Just our awareness helps us to change our lives.

We can purposely create our mindset every minute of the day.

Imagine that! Once our self-awareness comes into play, we can easily incorporate positive self-talk and habits.

Soon we will believe in ourself and entertain thoughts like these:

“I know I can do this because I am creative and smart” and

“Thank goodness I am brilliant and I catch on easily!”

Start being aware of your thought patterns and your habits. Start expecting great things to happen in your life. Consistently reach for better feeling thoughts.

Start new habits – one at a time. After practicing it for 30 days, it is a habit. From now on, when you don’t carry out your new habit, you will feel uncomfortable.

And let’s keep a positive mindset every day, shall we?

Got it?

Okay, great.

Now, what thoughts, habits or awareness have made an impact in your life?

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  1. That negative head trash seems to always creep in at the most inopportune moments, right when we want to do something big, or step out of our comfort zone. When we can recognize them, acknowledge them, and set them aside, we can truly step into greatness 🙂

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      Love your awareness, Jennifer! And I suggest that once we have this awareness, we are 90% of the way there in overcoming the head trash and stepping into our greatness.

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  2. Being AWARE of our thoughts is the key to life-changing transformation on so many levels. Certainly the first step is our self-talk. These are great tips, very easy and practical. I always say, if you wouldn’t look your beloved child in the eye and speak to her that way, don’t say it to yourself!

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      That AWAREness of our thoughts is a big thing, Wendi. Sometimes we are so careful to be thoughtful and respectful to others, yet we don’t give ourselves the same consideration. Great points you make. Thank you!

  3. I have a few Elizabeth, and some I have stuck to over longer periods of time and others have been more of an ebb and flow. Not working after dinner is a general rule I have kept for over 4 years, along with eating healthy and regular exercise. The habits that forward my business are still forming and sinking in, like batching my time, what to say NO to and holding an abundance mind set. And it really is all about mind set, you are right!

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      I love your work habits, Aly, especially batching. Batching is usually one of the first things I coach new clients on, so they can go from being frustrated and overwhelmed to confident and productive. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It’s so true we can all be our worst enemy at times. Self-doubt and negative talk I think are most prevalent with women. As the wonderful emotional creatures that we are we can sometimes get lost in doubting our capabilities and self-worth. It takes practice to be good at anything and creating a new mindset is one of those things that we need to give ourselves time for. Old habits die hard. Thanks for the reminders.

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      A great reminder that we need to consistently practice to create a new mindset. It’s fun to do – and rewarding!

  5. Great advice! I especially love your point about reaching for better feeling thoughts. It’s a great tool to raise your vibration! I’ll be doing that today with my children! Thanks! 🙂

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      It’s funny how just a little awareness helps us increase our vibration and often the vibrations of those around us. It’ll be interesting to see if your children feel the difference 🙂

  6. I’m practicing taking the “ish” out of selfish, daily. And I find that it does not come naturally to set boundaries, speak up for myself, stand tall and find my voice and then say it. We would never, ever let others speak to us the way we sometimes speak to ourselves and the negative self talk stops here. Thank you for a terrific conversation starter – with me.

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      You are so welcome, Cindy. Love how when we take better care of our “self,” there is so much more to give to others. Keep setting those boundaries and using your voice to look after YOU – you deserve it!

  7. Elizabeth, you make some good points about mindset, particularly that we have the power to change our mindset and thus our reality.

    We can think of mindset as a mental muscle which is weakened by poor choices and lack of use and strenthened by awareness and practicing positive, empowering thinking and choices.

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      Great point, Denise, thinking of mindset as a mental muscle. We can strengthen it or let it atrophy. Let’s go for the strengthening to make empowering and life-changing choices.

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