Stop Daydreaming! or Maybe Start Daydreaming?

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This-world-is-but-aThis week is an important milestone. It is the last full week of the month of June, which means half of 2014 has nearly passed.

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Stop daydreaming! Children hear this often. But should they stop it? Should we stop it?

Albert Einstein says, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Imagination is underrated. It’s good to keep in mind that almost everything is created twice. The first time it is created in our imagination and the second time in reality.

Think of the house you live in. Created in your or someone’s mind – and then created in brick and mortar.

Think of how you see yourself, and remember that your self-image affects almost everything you do. You see an image of yourself in your mind, and then you behave that way in life. (Think of how you saw yourself and how you behaved at age 6, age 12, age16, age 21, and today. Quite a difference, eh?)

Think of every item of clothing you wear. Someone created it in their mind and then someone created it to wear.

Think of your business. You thought it in your mind and then you brought it into existence.

So… what is your plan for this week? What 3 things do you IMAGINE yourself doing this week to finish the first half of 2014 strong?

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  1. I look time this week to go over my goals for 2014 AND set some new ones for the last 6 months of the year. I focused on IMAGINING how my life was going to flow and concentrating on the feelings.

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      You just made a great point Kimberly! When we focus on our goal, the best idea to easily reach our goal, is to focus on the feelings the goal brings us, as if we have already reached the goals. Thank you for finding and commenting on my blog!

  2. I was a big daydreamer as a kid. Everything revolved around the imagination. I don’t recall anyone telling me to stop, so I didn’t. At times it was an escape, and other times it lead me to some beautiful creations, or a great adventure.

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      Love that you were a big daydreamer as a kid – I truly believe that is where genius comes from. And looking at your published books and other creations, I hope you keep on dreaming.

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  3. I imagine myself finding the new home I will live in during the second half of 2014. It will be a space that includes a warm and wonderful place to work and continue imagining.

    Thanks for reminding me to do this!

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      Wishing you luck on your new space, Patrice. Keep imagining! Keep dreaming – and of course – keep taking action!

  4. I used to daydream out my living room window every day after school for about 30min. I loved that time to just stare at the mountain and let my mind unwind from school and let in the sparkly ideas and thoughts from my unconscious. Over time and a few decades later, I’m still a huge day dreamer, but have not constructively made time for it so it takes up values work and task time and I get to the end of my day frustrated and stressed about what I didn’t accomplish. I know that is not working.
    Now I’m working at a slower pace, keeping lists of key task and projects to better manage my time and allow a good 30min each day to simply daydream and allow my heart and unconscious the space to reveal themselves. It’s about loving myself.

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      Love that awareness, Aly – it is about loving yourself enough to allow your heart and unconscious to reveal themselves to you.

  5. I imagine myself: attracting 2 new clients this week, getting all my images posted to pinterest + FB this week, and finding time to just be with my kiddos this week.

    Many Thanks for the imagining! C

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  6. I’m imagining myself following my daily plan and list, accomplishing the important items first!! I’m imagining myself being laser focused on what I need to do! I’m imagining myself feeling a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the week!!

    I’m imagining having a great week!! Thanks!

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