ONE KEY to Marketing: 3 Tips to Implementing

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If you have a business, no matter what the business is, you are in the business of marketing. You must market or you won’t have a business.

Very few people are professionally trained in marketing, so we’re going to give you a few tips. We’re going to share with you the one key you must have for a successful business and then the 3 ways to apply the key.

Here’s your easy-peasy, very easy one key to marketing:

The One Key: Stand out!

Yes, standing out is the key. When you apply the key, here are 3 tips to keep in mind. Think in terms of mindset, strategy, and action.

#1 Mindset

How we feel about marketing has a huge influence on our business success. We can look at marketing as something dreadful, or we can look at marketing as something fun. Hint: daily discipline becomes a lot easier when you decide to have fun.

Here are some mindset ideas for you to absorb:

Befriend marketing – make the decision to have fun and enjoy doing it (or enjoy outsourcing it!)
Raise your standards – market more often, more laser focused, and more strategically.
Imprint upon your mind – marketing (i.e. standing out) is an integral part of your business.
Coach – get a coach if you’d like these benefits: powerful marketing clarity, growth acceleration, increased ability to serve more people, and skyrocketing profits.
Know – that marketing is how you build your business, sell more products, and enroll new clients.

#2 Strategy

You have something special to share with the world. Own your value and share your value. Stand out!
There are infinite ways to share your value i.e. market. There is no need to start out doing fifty of them at once. Determine your two or more main ways to market that

1) reflect your unique brilliance, and
2) position yourself as a valued expert in your niche.

Be strategic with your marketing. Often neophyte entrepreneurs throw out tactic after tactic. Tactics are great, but let’s ensure we have a game plan to tie tactics together to create a strategy that works for you.

#3 Action

If you’re going to market today, I invite you to choose and commit to an action step today.

Here are some starter ideas for your:

publish one blog or article; or
kick-start your public speaking; or
initiate a JV; or
invite 1000 people to your webinar; or
speak at a breakfast meeting; or
publish one podcast; or
… well, you decide on one of the infinite ideas to market your business.

Please share with me one way you plan to stand out this week. And have fun with it!

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  1. Great information here!  I especially like the idea of owning and sharing our value.  I think that once we truly believe in the unique perspective/product/insight we bring to the world, the idea of marketing it becomes easier.  At least I’m finding that’s the case for me.  It’s a process, but I’m on the journey and enjoying it.  I’m planning a September event and will try to narrow down the details this week.  Thanks for this post, Elizabeth.

    1. Post

      That’s big, Gail… owning our value and believing in ourselves. Best of luck in your September event!

  2. I am committing to a webinar on May 17th…..I so agree about the importance of marketing and I am in need of an “it’s fun” mindset!! Thanks for the great reminders!

    1. Post

      Congratulations on doing a webinar, Fay! The first one or two are scary, but after that it’s soooo much fun! Best of luck!

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