Networking and Reciprocal Referral Relationships

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Today I’d like to share with you some ideas to create Reciprocal Referral Relationships (RRR’s) in 3 easy steps. RRR’s are a great way to build a referral network of like-minded people. It’s rewarding to give and receive regular referrals!

1. Identify who you think would make great RRR’s.
2. Set appointments to open the door.
3. Track results

1. Identify who you think would make great RRR’s. Seek RRR’s within your industry and outside of your industry. Find people who have your target market within their network, and make sure you have their target market within your network. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are a realtor. A few obvious reciprocal referral relationships might be with lawyers, accountants, home stagers, home insurance, real estate appraisers, lenders, and mortgage brokers. But we can be more creative than that. If you are a realtor, other less obvious RRR’s might be landscapers, house cleaners, carpet cleaners, and a handyman. Friends, acquaintances, and colleagues are also good sources of referrals.

Once you decide on the industries, make sure the individuals you choose are:
a) leaders with integrity who are givers and collaborators; and
b) who are near the top of their industry and have a high standard of service.

Think before you refer. Ultimately, the needs of your clients or tribe come first, not those of your referral partners.

By the way, when you go to networking meetings or social events, it’s much more powerful overall to walk away with an RRR who will refer you many clients a year over many years than with one new client.

2. Set appointments to open the door. Ask them for a 10-minute appointment. It can be a phone appointment, in person, or over coffee. Note that these are not cold calls. One establishes RRR’s with people they know, like and trust.

During the appointment let them know of your interest in creating an RRR. Be open about what it means to you. Maybe you are looking for the top realtor award. Or maybe you want to be the top sales person to put your son through college. Ensure you are clear what you can bring to the table, too, in terms of who is in your network. You don’t need a lot of RRR’s. Choose wisely, so you can build long-term successful relationships.

3.  Track results. Check out who is really sending you business. Make sure you reciprocate fairly. Check your list of referral partners regularly and think of who you can send to them and how you can be sending them more referrals.

And lastly, enjoy creating these potentially life-long relationships.

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  1. Great article Elizabeth. RRR can be win-win-win endeavors when done as you recommend: a win for everyone involved in the referral process because both you and your referral partner also have the best interests of the person being referred in mind.


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      I love that you really get that it’s about who the both of you can help and that we put the clients first. Thank, Keith!

  2. This is great timing for me as I really need to find some more referral partners for the video templates and video services I am offering now.

    I loved the way you expanded the list of potential RRRs for your example of a realtor.  It got me thinking of my own possibilities. Thanks!

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      Yes, when we make our lists, it’s good to make a list of people we know plus people in certain positions in our life. For example, our accountant, our realtor, our plumber. Thanks, Susan!

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