Elizabeth Clark powerfully combines her strategic marketing experience, sales expertise, and coaching skills, so you, the beautiful spirit and savvy entrepreneur, can step up to the plate confidently, unleash your greatness so you can grow and monetize your business, and make a significant difference in the world.

Business Coaching:  We might be a good match for each other if…

bluecheckmarksYou are looking to market, grow and monetize your business quickly, profitably and finally fulfill your dreams

bluecheckmarksYou are stuck, frozen and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there

bluecheckmarksYou are already in business and are ready to see bigger results

bluecheckmarksYou are an online service-based business in the business or the personal growth industry (e.g. coaches, authors, speakers, heart-centered entrepreneurs or consultants)

bluecheckmarksYou are a brick and mortar business (e.g. spa, gym, salon)

bluecheckmarksYou would love to have an experienced, passionate business coach guide you through strategic marketing, sales, systems, tactics, strategies and mindset

bluecheckmarksYou are ready to let your spirit — the authentic YOU — shine through in the marketing of your business and you are finally ready to say yes to you and your gifts

bluecheckmarksYou are a thought leader who knows you could be making better use of your gifts and talents and you are ready to begin now

Let me introduce myself:

I am Elizabeth Clark, strategic marketing mentor, sales expert, and coach. I started with working with entrepreneurs because I saw a need and wanted to help. I have often met with entrepreneurs who dreamed of getting their message or products out to the world… but didn’t achieve their goals or dreams because they didn’t know where to start, couldn’t sift through all the information out there, or didn’t know what it takes to start or grow a business.

Some people have tried for months or years to get their business going, and I help them accomplish in a few months what they couldn’t accomplish on their own in years.

I have trained, mentored, or coached well over 1,000 entrepreneurs from 26 countries in marketing, sales, and mindset. Over the years, I have joyfully and passionately led thousands of hours of seminars, webinars, and teleseminars.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and monetize their business. I offer focused coaching sessions that leave you with clarity about your next step or steps. Main areas of expertise are marketing, sales, mindset, time management and goal setting. My gift is cutting to the chase and consistently keeping you on track, always ensuring you have clarity on your next step.

I love to work with people who…

bluecheckmarksHave a magnificent message to take to the world

bluecheckmarksFeel compelled to get their magnificent message out to the world

bluecheckmarksAre passionate about life, live it fully and want to help others do the same

bluecheckmarksHave decided to treat their business like a real business

bluecheckmarksAre go-getters and action takers

bluecheckmarksKnow that transforming your business is a spiritual journey that often transforms you, your lifestyle, and your profits.

Where to go from here

Every month I offer a handful of qualified people a complimentary discovery session. To apply for your complimentary discovery session, please click here and complete the form.

There is no obligation to sign up for any coaching with me. This is a time for us to get acquainted, explore where you are at in your business, and explore where you would like to be. I will then let you know what I can offer you – if anything – in terms of coaching support to help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

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